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History and principles

The founder of the „Arka” School in Wroclaw is the Educational Christian Association “Arka”. First students admitted to our school in 1993. Currently we have over a 100 students in nine classes (8 classes of the Primary School and 1 class of the Preschool). Arka is run by the three councils: Educational Christian Association Council, Parents’ Council and Students’ Council. The school reality is formed not only by teachers, but as well by students and their parents.

Our school stands out in comparison to other educational places in Wroclaw because of its Christian character and principles on which the school is based. Arka school integrates Bible’s content with the core curriculum, what corresponds with parents and students who are interested to understand and promote the Christian worldview. The fundamental principle of “Arka” is well reflected in the verse located in Proverbs:

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6

Our priority is to provide a comprehensive education for students in accordance with their individual needs. We strive to provide optimal conditions for the intellectual, spiritual, social and physical development of every child. We want our offer to be appropriate to the times, that’s why the core curriculum of Arka provides extended education in foreign languages, mathematics, computer science and communication technologies. What is more, as a part of the school’s educational program we also provide social competence training.

We want to meet every student’s needs, so we give each of them an opportunity to develop individual interests and talents. In case of various difficulties, we provide appropriate support for every child through the special care of a guidance counselor and a psychologist. We pay special attention to the students in their last grades and to their development of the main competences, which are recommended by the European Parliament and needed at a further stages of education.

The intimate character of the school and small classes help us to diagnose the student’s needs and to support children in personal development. Because of that we can effectively respond and adapt our working methods to the needs of every class.

In our school we have the following organizations:

  • Student Council
  • School Volunteer Club

They motivate students to serve for other people in their local environment.

The pupils’ parents are not just passive observers of a school life. Thanks to their active involvement in the Parent’s Council and their participation in the Council of the Educational Association “Arka”, they have a real impact on a school life.

School “Arka” educates effectively and the best proof of that are good results in the finishing exams in the Primary School.


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