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Dear Sir or Madame! Dear Parents!

Welcome to the website of the Christian Primary School Arka. Thank you for your interest in our institution!
We are located in a quiet, green corner of Wroclaw, near the Borek Shopping Center (Krzyki). Every year our graduates go to the best high schools in Wroclaw. After 29 years of our School activity, local teachers are no longer surprised that they have had so many Arka’s graduates.

Arka’s teachers are filled with passion and they do not only care about intellectual development in students, but also they pay attention to their upbringing and spiritual growth. In our relationships and teaching we follow Christian principles, but also understand that sometimes a child needs to hear “No” and needs established clear boundaries.

Due to the ecumenical character of School (there are Catholics and Protestants among our employees and students), Arka’s pupils learn to respect people who have different beliefs and opinions.

How does life look like in Arka?

In the morning when a student enters the School, our janitor greets him with a smile. Children of 1-3 grades are also welcomed by their class teachers.
Our lessons take place in colourful, cozy classes as well as outside in the spring. During breaks children can run around our newly built schoolyard. Boys are especially happy when they can kick a ball, even for a moment.

Because the amount of pupils in our classes ranges from 8 to 18 students, not a single child in Arka is anonymous. In such small groups three times more often the teacher can have much more direct interaction with every child. The small number of children in classes helps as well in the efficient implementation of the material. It has even happened that during English lessons children have finished 2 textbooks per year.

In comparison to the National Core Curriculum, Arka’s students have weekly more of:

  • English Lessons (2 hours more)
  • Mathematics (1 hour more)
  • IT (1 hour more)
  • Polish in the 4th grade (1 hour more)

We are also known for our special approach to early childhood education. Every class in the first 3 grades has an extra 4 hours with their form teacher and with a separate teacher in a common room. (For very small classes up to 10 students, there is 1 teacher for 2 classes).

Thanks to such small groups of students we are able to focus more closely on the individual needs and struggles of our pupils. The social and spiritual development in children is very important for us, even when a student has various dysfunctions. We are extremely pleased when we can watch the child’s entire path filled with difficulties and how they overcome their limitations – from the beginning of adventure in the Arka to the graduation. We are happy to see how children gain new skills and just thrive!
In our School there are children who prefer staying in Arka than going on vacations; who are sad because of summer holidays. They just love to be in Arka!

29 years have passed since the beginning of our activity and now we can observe how the first graduates return to our School as parents and send to Arka their own kids. Is there a better recommendation than this?

We dearly invite you to join us!

ARKA Christian Educational Association

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