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For eleven years we have been helping parents who had decided, for various reasons, to educate children outside the school. At the moment we cooperate with over forty families, which amounts to almost fifty students with different interests, predispositions and ages.

It does not matter if you have already been homeschooled or maybe you just want to start your homeschooling journey and join to this unique, colourful group of children. We want to invite you to study at home with Arka, which is completely for free.

You can expect from us an experienced team of examining teachers and a friendly attitude as well as the possibility to pass the exams from February to May. We try to provide all the information about the exams as early as possible. Every year in September we send an updated guide with exam requirements and a guide with sample tasks from each subject. A few years ago, in classes from 1 to 3 we did an interesting experiment. We carried out the exam in the form of a game. Right after the exam, some children asked if they could come back for such an exam again! We count this as a success. What is more, not only do children like this different form of checking their knowledge. Their parents are happy with this kind of exam as well. Because of all these reasons, we have been practicing the game exam so far.

We have also been working on creating a system, which would enable us to acquire knowledge from smaller chunks  of material. From time to time we organize exam preparation workshops and mock exams.

Our teachers answer questions via e-mail and are available to meet with them on a personal tutorship. If you have other questions, I am willing to talk to you.


Dorota Pawłowska

Homeschooling coordinator in the Christian Primary School “Arka” for seven years.

Eight years experience in homeschooling a teenager.





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